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Creating Digital Portfolios using Bulb


Could you better organize digitally? Are you looking for more creative ways to connect content and your students? Teachers can create their own Bulb collections and pages to share content for a unit or lesson, assemble a series of primary-source images or articles as pages in a collection, and encourage students to review the pages and respond to them in writing or discussion. Each student also might contribute a page to a teacher-created collection. Consider using Digital Portfolios as a way to have many students submit responses that other students can then review and comment on. Alternatively, ask students to create their own pages or collections. Students might use their Bulb collection as a place to show off their work over the course of the year or assemble a series of articles or images on a related topic. You will have a chance to experience Bulb and see how it might be useful in your own classroom.

Presenter Bio

Vika is enthusiastic about social change through education. He has taken a special interest in the development of the South African education system and collaborated with a global team of education specialists in helping to organize an EdTech Summit Africa in 2018 which served diverse communities in Southern Africa. After high school, he completed a BA in Social Sciences with a specialisation in Political Science and History at the University of Stellenbosch and subsequently obtained an Honours in Political Science at the University of Cape Town. He has been privileged enough to understand the challenges of the South African education system during his time teaching History at a secondary school in Cape Town. As well he spent important and impressionable time living in the U.S. in both New York City and Chicago, working on several education-focused projects.