EdTech Summit Africa 2019
EdTech Summit Africa 2019
EdTech Summit Africa 2019
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In Their Words...

Equitable and creative education is within reach if we work and learn together. Listen to the words of some of the 2018 EdTech Summit Africa global presentation team as they talk about why this kind of social learning environment is important from their perspective, especially when it comes to using technology strategies to engage learners, affect outcomes, and create pathways for diverse thinking to be honored and made visible. We hope you will join us!

Why Learn With Us?

Our Summits

Each year a global group of experienced education professionals come together from different regions around the world to partner with local teachers to form a collaborative and excited team of facilitators with diverse skills. These facilitators design and present interactive workshops for interested teachers looking to grow not only their teaching toolkit but also their understanding of what is possible in order to apply new ideas and strategies to improve student achievement and engagement in the classroom. EdTech Summit Africa is free to teachers and education leaders who register, and a wide range of workshop choices at each Summit embrace beginners to advanced adult learners.

Adult Learning

Experiential, Self-Directed, and Transformative Adult Learning theories are at the root of our workshop and conference design. We believe with exposure to what is possible and a guided collaborative, reflective, interactive and social learning environment — once engaged and connected — teachers build pathways to the design of strategies for creative and meaningful teaching and learning in their own contexts. A powerful learning experience, at times pushing assumptions, perceptions, habits, and comfort zones — can lead to transformative thinking resulting in true growth and positive change.

No Boundaries

Staying connected in both physical and digital learning spaces in a commitment we make a priority. There is no geographic, economic, cultural, or educational barrier we let compromise our ability to grow together. Our Professional Learning Network (PLN) is called the Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) and we believe continuing to explore together and remain connected digitally and across international borders is a rich way to continue our social learning. We discuss technology resources, ask questions, share stories, and support each other when needed. We maintain the CLC as a Facebook group and we invite you to join!

Our Partners

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Mitchell House
Curro Heritage House


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