Ukelo Alimange

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Workshop Description

Locations: Inanda Seminary


Tools for Thinking, Expressing and Learning – Year 2 of the High School Digital Journey


In this workshop we will explore some of the ways in which we promote creativity and self-expression whilst at the same time building solid IT and academic skills. Whilst getting hands-on with the various tools, we will also discuss/debate Project Based Learning which is the methodology which we use for Global Studies.

This workshop will be co-presented by Nontokozo Thando and Ukelo Alimange.

Presenter Bio

Ukelo Alimange came to South Africa from the DRC in 2002. He has a BA Ed. He has taught various subjects, but currently teaches Global Studies to Grade 9, and IT to Grades 10-12. Ukelo considers himself a paperless pioneer at Inanda Seminary, as he was the first teacher who created a digital file, including lesson preparation sheets. This initiative was subsequently recommended for all the teachers of the school. He is passionate about technology, is fascinated with the process of promoting creativity in his students, and is a keen photographer himself.