Workshop Description

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A Metacognition Approach to Teaching in the 21st Century


Come join me for a mind blowing experience. Thinking about thinking. That moment where you step back from whatever you are doing and assess: How  is my strategy working? What could I do to improve my progress? Metacognition is a skill that promotes advanced learning and thinking. As a teacher it is an important tool to use in the classroom. In this workshop we will look at the three phases of metacognition and how to implement them in the classroom. Together we will watch a short and engaging video on metacognition. We will also interact actively and see how metacognition can be applied in the different subjects.

Presenter Bio

Maimoonah Gori is a teacher, creative writing facilitator, author and life coach. She has a passion for learning and teaching. She has over 15 years experience working with children across all ages and understands the classroom and how learning and teaching has changed over the decades.