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Designing with Desmos: Meaningful Technology for Math Teachers


Math teachers, we know there is nothing as valuable as seeing student work as we seek to understand their thinking, identify misconceptions, and support their understanding of concepts. For many of us, this made the shift to remote teaching and learning, due to COVID, especially challenging. Seeing students simply type a correct or incorrect answer in a chat box did not give us the data or insight we were used to having from work completed on paper. BUT, because we are math teachers who know that every problem has a solution, we got creative and learned how to make digital tools work for us. We will look at one of the favorites of math teachers around the world in this workshop.

Presenter Bio

Lucy Smith is an 8th grade math teacher in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from college, Lucy joined Teach For America and began her teaching career in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she taught for three years. In 2020, she received her EdM in Curriculum and Instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University. While in graduate school, she worked as a Professional Development Associate at The Center for Technology and School Change where she co-facilitated professional development sessions focused on project-based learning and meaningful integration of technology in schools. After graduate school, Lucy returned to the classroom and is now finishing her fifth year teaching middle school math. In addition to her passions for educational equity and high-quality math instruction for all learners, Lucy is an avid runner, crafter, and New York City explorer.