Lebo Nthutang

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Workshop Description

Creating and Implementing Quizzes, Tests and Study Materials with Free Technology: How You (and Your Students!) Can Use the Data That Online Assessment Tools Provide


Motivate, engage, and excite your learners for assessing their understanding of content!. In this workshop you will see how to make and use online quiz programs such as QuizIzz and Google Forms. You will create your own quiz for students, see results, and learn how to share the results with students and/or other stakeholders when appropriate. You will see how Quiz data can be reviewed and organized in Google Classroom, Google Sheets, Excel or a spreadsheet or learning management system (LMS) you use..

Presenter Bio

Kelebogile ‘Lebo’ Nthutang is 32 years of age, and was born in the north western part of South Africa in a little rural village along the Botswana border. She is the 2nd of 7 kids; born to a father who was a pastor and a soon-to retire mother who is a teacher. Lebo is a hands-on mother of 2 and a BSc (Biology), PGCE (Maths & Life Sciences), Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management and a BEd Honors (Management & Law) graduate.

Lebo is a sciences, technology and projects fanatic, an educator and a leader at LEAP Science & Maths School in Jane Furse with a natural flair for the work of education and a deep commitment to changing the way teaching and learning happens in South Africa.

Lebo is a pioneer and innovator, willing to take on new challenges without fear. She has emerged as a leader in the education field around project-based learning.  Lebo is an outstanding academic learner and teacher. She has excelled in all courses and degrees that she completed, and sets similar standards for the students that she teaches.

Lebo balances a love of children with the firmness and structure required to match the high expectations that she has for her classes. She embraces, and lives a deeply embedded set of values that are positive, caring and consistent.

Lebo is results-oriented and deems herself a successful sciences educator, as her track record of results attest to this. Besides producing a 100% for 3 years in a row; with an average not less than 70% and a minimum of 5 distinctions in those years, she is also one of the current Life Sciences Examiners and Moderators for the CASS Assessment tasks for Sekhukhune East and a member of the committee.`She is a future policy maker on the rise and a life-long scholar by passion. Lebo is a past EdTech Summit Africa presenter and was voted among the 200 young South Africans to be watched by the Mail & Guardian newspaper, in 2017.