Workshop Description

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Using Microsoft 365, Teams and Other Free Tools for Transformational Teaching and Learning


It is so easy for us teachers to fall into transmission mode when we are busy and have been teaching similar content for years. With the demands in the workplace for more creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, together with the availability of technology, we have the opportunity to transform our teaching. This workshop will introduce teachers to the Microsoft 365 tools, Teams and other free tools for more transformational teaching and learning using reflection, discussion, feedback, evaluation, and collaboration.

Presenter Bio

Julie Flanegan is currently an educational consultant for TeacherWorks, an online support service for Information Technology (IT) and Computer Applications Technology (CAT) teachers in South Africa. Julie started out in corporate computer training and support, then moved to adult education as an End-User Computing lecturer and then into school education teaching applications and programming to high school students. In her role as Head of Department at Michaelhouse for 21 years, she mentored many fellow teachers and interns and designed new curricula for robotics and coding and project-based learning (PBL). Julie filled an educational technology role at her school by encouraging teachers to integrate technology in an innovative way into their subjects. Julie holds a B Sc. (Information Processing) from Rhodes University, an HDE from UNISA and a PG Dip in Educational Technology from the University of Cape Town. Julie’s passion lies in educational technology and inspiring teachers to transform their teaching using a pedagogical approach to technology to ensure learner-centred teaching..