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Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) Tools and Tips for Educators and Learners


In this workshop, we will be looking at socio-emotional learning (SEL) and how we can use apps and digital tools to integrate it into our classrooms, across learning areas. Recently, a lot of South Africa classrooms have been affected by devastating events which have impacted both the staff and the learners in many schools. Teachers have been forced into positions of dealing with the trauma many of the students have gone through and this session covers how we can use SEL strategies to support our learners while creating emotionally safe classroom environments. We will be looking at tools such as Harmony, SuperBetter and Calm to help teach some of the key principles behind SEL. We will also be looking at creative ways you can incorporate SEL into any classroom.

Presenter Bio

Gugulethu Radebe is the Founder-Director of the GALE Programme and the current Administration Manager for the Khanyisa Inanda Seminary Projects (KICP) . She has years of experience working in both formal and informal education spaces both as an educator and has a passion for youth development. She is currently a member of several boards including Edtech Global Africa.