Workshop Description

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Creating a Culture of Reading with Young Learners


Instilling a love of reading early gives a child a good start in growing their vocabulary and building independence and self-confidence. By integrating Shine Literacy’s Storytime resources into the reading you already do, you can bring the love of reading into your classroom, helping to put your youngest learners on a path to literacy. The data-free resources and strategies that we will discuss will step through how you can work with both students as well as provide options for parents to continue reading at home. Books in the home are the single biggest indicator of academic success – surpassing income, parents’ education, family composition and all other factors.  You will have a chance to experience Storytime and make plans to integrate Storytime’s early grade reading online books for group-guided reading sessions.

Presenter Bio

Claudia Stanfield is the Social Franchise and Systems Manager of a literacy organisation called Shine Literacy. Shine Literacy’s programmes are helping to transform the prospects of some of South Africa’s most vulnerable children by breaking the destructive cycle of poor literacy, low educational attainment, wasted potential and poverty. They do this by providing structured English literacy support to children. Her job is to find organisations with a similar vision to collaborate with, in order to scale Shine’s reading models.

Claudia was the former Lead MRP Foundation TechEd Facilitator in KZN, which had similar aspirations as Shine in empowering children through the involvement of the TechEd Project, implementing tablet technology into rural school classrooms. Claudia facilitated this implementation through teacher training and guiding educators on daily classroom use of this technology. Concurrently, Claudia managed a multimedia math classroom that uses Khan Academy videos and exercises.

Claudia is currently a board member of Edtech Global Africa.