Alyssa Rudolf

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Workshop Description

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Bringing the Outside to the Inside – Science Comes Alive Exploring Farming and Growing Innovations through Student Inquiry in Your Classroom


In this workshop we will be developing a plan to bring sustainable and innovative farming methods into your classroom connecting science, nutrition, and the local community. Comparing traditional farming (where farmers own several acres of land and grow food to eat and sell) and farming within a Classroom (where hydroponic technology can be used both as a tool for science investigations as well as a place to grow food). Your students will serve in the role of farmer scientists, whether in a rural or urban settings, to take ownership in developing equitable access to choices in food.

Presenter Bio

Alyssa graduated from St Joseph’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in Child Study. She currently teaches Hydroponic Science at PS 180 Hugo Newman Preparatory School, located in Harlem, NY. Alyssa is passionate about teaching the intersection of environmental science and human health; She achieves this through implementing hands-on learning approaches in her “Greenhouse Classroom”. This novel atmosphere offers students the opportunity to grow plants and food while learning about nutrition, water resource management, efficient land use, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, contamination, pollution, waste management, and sustainable development. Alyssa pairs her training in education with her unique ability to form meaningful connections with children in order to enhance the learning experience of all her students.

Alyssa’s future goals in education are to further develop innovative teaching approaches that provide students with the opportunity to learn about the connection between human health, cultural diversity, and the natural environment. This will provide the foundation for her students to explore how they can interact with the environment in eco-friendly ways, and to educate the next generation about how to live sustainably.