Nolu Mpekelana

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Workshop Description

Solving Problems Through Design Thinking and Computational Thinking: How to Inspire Learners to be Problem Solvers


In this workshop, we will look at the principles of design thinking and computational thinking. We will provide attendees with practical ways that can be used across the curriculum and not just in coding or technology-related subjects. We will share how teachers can start embracing technology and help learners to not just be consumers of knowledge or technology but guide them towards a position where they will confidently and creatively contribute, solve problems and innovate.

Presenter Bio

Nolu Mpekelana is a Founder and Managing Director for CodeNgwana, an organisation that is focused on teaching kids how to code. Her main objective is to help the African child go digital through teaching computational thinking and coding to kids. She has 10 years experience in IT management from the financial services sector, institution of higher learning and mining. Her entry into the education and technology space was mainly inspired by the skills shortages in the field of technology and she wanted to do something to change that and also based on her love for knowledge and creating new solutions. She holds a Bcom honors degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town (UCT) along with various industry certifications and management qualifications. She is also a Master of Commerce in Information Systems from UCT. Nolu is a firm believer and advocate for digital inclusion. She believes children are natural problem solvers as their minds are uncorrupted. When they are empowered, then a whole new world of possibilities is possible.