Jade Kearney

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Workshop Description

Game Play and Literacy


This workshop will examine how children develop literacy through game and play by looking closely at the benefits of play and how it encourages language development. In this workshop you will experience successful strategies to use during play that will enhance reading and writing skills within young children.

Presenter Bio

Jade Kearney has been an educator for over eight years serving inner-city youth in both Newark, New Jersey and New Orleans, Louisiana. Jade received her Master’s in education from Montclair State University, and currently attends New York University (NYU) where she is pursuing a degree in Digital Media Design for Learning. Jade is committed to closing the achievement gap, by educating and nurturing historically disenfranchised communities, and children of color. Jade is honored to be a new member of the staff at Highbridge Voices where she serves as Academic Director for the after-school music and education program in New York City, and looks forward to being a part of academic excellence in the South Bronx community.