Dr. Stephanie Hayden-Adeyemo
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A seasoned and reflective science educator, Dr. Stephanie Hayden-Adeyemo is a staunch supporter of mentoring and paying it forward. Over the past eighteen years, Dr. Hayden-Adeyemo has both taught and encouraged for the following U.S. regions; Broward, Palm Beach and Westchester County Public Schools respectively. Dr. Hayden-Adeyemo’s tenure as a secondary science educator has been marked by a number of significant accomplishments. During her career she has helped to re-energize the love of science to many young people in urban communities, making it her mission to enhance their view on the future.

She has been awarded the Gizmo-Online Facilitator Leadership for Palm Beach County and currently serves as a Grant Reviewer for the United States Department of Education.Dr. Hayden-Adeyemo holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Howard University, a Master’s degree in educational technology from American Intercontinental University, and a Doctorate degree in teaching and learning from Walden University. When Dr. Hayden is not in the classroom, you can find her mentoring students aspiring to become research medical scientists from institutes such as Howard University Medical School.

She has been a strong believer in determined and purposeful interactions with those she meets. Dr. Hayden has always placed in the forefront her desire to move people to critically think while making some of their most life-changing decisions. In 2017 she applied and was selected as a fellow for Teach with Africa and worked with schools in South Africa. She is presently a part of the STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative with NASA EPDC.