Lizzy Laidlaw
21st Century Learning Strategies You Can Use at School Tomorrow
Learn about five 21st century technology tools and strategies that you can use in your classroom right away – for any subject! In this workshop, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore a tool of your choice and design something you can use at your school.


Workshop participants will:

  • be introduced to new tools that are high-impact and low-effort.
  • build community and familiarity around technology integration.
  • be given the structure, support, and opportunity to begin creating something they can use immediately.


  • learn 4 – 5 new edtech tools.
  • choose one tool to design an activity that will work for their own environment.
  • in small groups, share and discuss ideas, observations, applications, and wonders about edtech tools. 
Lizzy currently teaches 5th and 6th grade math at Town School for Boys in San Francisco, California. She holds a masters in general childhood education from Bank Street College of Education and has taught grades ranging from Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. She is passionate about global education and technology integration.  She believes that 21st-century technology tools provides immense opportunities to connect the world and enhance education, but that effectively using the tools requires conscious use and consideration of the tools themselves. Her passion for educational technology began at the start of her teaching career in Connecticut, but really blossomed while teaching in Curitiba, Brazil. Since leaving Brazil, Lizzy moved to San Francisco, home of many educational technology startups. As a teacher, Lizzy enjoys  researching available 21st century tools, trying them, and assessing technology usage in terms of enrichment of the student experience and the teacher experience.