Dr. Alex Thomas
High Impact Literacy with Local Resources
How can teachers blend digital tools with traditional (and nontraditional!) literacy resources in their schools and community to create a high impact literacy program? This workshop provides an overview of English literacy development milestones and how teachers can use the resources around them to teach skills and strategies to support their students.

Workshop participants will…

  • develop an understanding of literacy development milestones and strategies to support the growth of literacy skills
  • learn ideas and ways to pair local resources and strategies together
Alex is the Founder and Director of the Atlanta Teaching and Learning Lab, an organization specializing in curriculum design, interdisciplinary pedagogies, and teacher education. She taught 10th Grade Global Studies in Harlem as well as science in Brooklyn schools at the secondary level. Alex’s research interests lie within multimodalities, specifically the use of digital literacies in and out of the classroom. Alex received her doctorate from the Curriculum and Teaching department at Teachers College, Columbia University. She holds an M.S. in Childhood Education from Lehman College and a B.S. in International Affairs from Georgia Institute of Technology. Alex loves making things. Aside from her work in education, she makes jewelry using indigenous Filipino beading techniques.