Viroshen and Nireshnee Viroshen Chetty headshot
Presenters: Viroshen and Nireshnee Chetty

Using Educational E-sports as a Teaching and Learning Resource in South African Schools

Workshop Description

This workshop is a practical and interactive session aimed at grades 4-12 teachers in South African schools, especially teachers interested in using an innovative education e-sports tool as an extra-mural activity to promote STEM learning. The session will cover an introduction to the Mind Blown League, understanding the game, guidelines for setting up an extra-mural game club, and how to participate in the regional and national competition. Participants with mobile phones or tablets can download and play the game in the session, and others can choose to play the physical card version. The workshop will conclude with a shared discussion about the gaming experience, the potential impact on learning, and the possible pathways for integration with students. The goal of this workshop is to provide teachers with practical tools and knowledge to: • improve divergent thinking, • spark curiosity in STEM topics, and • enhance exam performance through gamification of the syllabus.

Resources & Materials

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Bio: Nireshnee Chetty and Viroshen Chetty

Co-Founders: Mind Blown League

Nireshnee and Viroshen Chetty are co-founders of Mind Blown League, an EdTech startup fueled by their passion for game-based learning. Mind Blown League is a STEM-focused e-sports platform with original digital and physical card games aimed at Grades 4-12 learners. The startup has won awards from Technology Innovation Agency and SAB Foundation for its potential to develop divergent thinking and create greater engagement in the classroom. See for more information.

Nireshnee Chetty has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology. She has a strong belief in the potential of innovation and technology for social good. Since 2011, together with Viroshen Chetty, she has rolled out a series of film-making workshops across southern Africa. FilmCraft has empowered thousands of NGO practitioners with skills and tools to create Youtube videos of the communities they work in and the work they do. Nireshnee has a background in research, communication, film and book publishing and has written for and edited various print and online publications.

Viroshen Chetty has a Diploma in Journalism and has over 30-years’ experience in producing communication and media products. His passion is empowering communities to tell their own stories using emerging technology. He has designed and produced various education resources for the South African Basic Education syllabus, including study guides and DVDs. He has also authored a book on the fishing community of Durban, and published over 20 books, documentaries, and exhibitions on socio-political struggles. He is currently exploring the exciting field of education game design – both digital and card based – and its power to revolutionise education.