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Presenter: Siobhan Thatcher

Using Google Forms and Slides to Bring Data Science into any Classroom

Workshop Description

Gone are the days when data science was just the concern of a few computer scientists and big data experts. In 2023 and beyond, everyone needs to be able to work with data. The sooner we expose our learners to data, the more prepared they will be for the many evolving careers and jobs that depend on the skills required to survive and thrive in our increasingly data-driven world. This workshop will introduce educators to free and accessible tools that can expose learners in any grade and learning area to the fundamentals of data science. Using Google Forms to collect, analyse and review data, and using Google Slides to visualise and represent data, this workshop will give all teachers the opportunity to bring data science to your classroom and learners.

Resources & Materials

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Bio: Every young South African deserves the opportunity to become a successful citizen able to participate in both the South African economy and a global society. Siobhan Thatcher’s mission is to work in and contribute to the space where young South Africans are able to access relevant education, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities that empower them through ongoing learning and training, while developing values that commit them to improved social justice. Siobhan’s work at Project Isizwe has a social impact focus on ensuring that young people — both school-going and youth transitioning from formal education and unemployment into the job market — have access to the resources and digital opportunities that help them become socially just and economically viable citizens, able to contribute in a developing South Africa. As Project Isizwe brings thousands of citizens living in low-income communities online, it is vital to ensure that our youth are able to use this opportunity to learn, grow and ultimately earn money to sustain successful and positive livelihoods.