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Presenter: Abigail Samuelson

Strategy and Story: Social and Emotional (SEL) Strategies for Teachers Supporting Action Steps for Personal and Professional Success

Workshop Description

Your life, personally and professionally, is the result of who you are as an individual. Therefore, are you who you need to be in order to create the life you wish you live? Who we are as individuals is a culmination of the stories or beliefs we live by and the actions we choose to take.

This workshop offers teachers an opportunity to write positive and empowering stories regarding their personal and professional lives. Since the stories we write about ourselves rely on reinforcement through strategic action, this workshop includes opportunities to work with wellness applications and an online habit tracker in order to plan consciously-chosen action steps, allowing for greater self-management and self-support, within and outside of the classroom.

All practical work is supported by coaching theory and insights. Whilst this workshop focuses on the wellbeing of teachers, it will also include ideas regarding how teachers may choose to incorporate these new concepts within their classrooms.

Resources & Materials

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Bio: Abigail Samuelson is an ICF-Credentialed Coach, having completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching at The South African College of Applied Psychology. She currently works with youth and students within the NGO sector and private practice, assisting them to intentionally prepare themselves for success, both personally and professionally. Abigail’s approach to life, as well as her work, is one of genuine curiosity and open-mindedness. Within coaching sessions and facilitated workshops, she shows up authentically and with a deep respect for her client’s journeys and the changes which they are bravely undertaking. Through her coaching, Abigail holds space for client’s thinking and reflection. She focuses on what is beneath client stories – their belief systems, assumptions and identities, all with the aim of catalysing insight, which is then supported by strategic action to create sustainable change. When she is not working, Abigail is running, sailing, focusing on her own personal and professional growth and sharing life with those she loves. Abigail has her ACC Credential with The International Coaching Federation.