Dr. Isabel Tarling


Meaningfully Integrating EdTechs To Support Education Transformation

In this hands-on workshop, participants explore the transformative, meaningful integration of EdTechs while at the same time experiencing the sophisticated, innovative integration of EdTechs to support collaboration and shared thinking. Participants walk away with a clear understanding that they are the change makers in their contexts, a plan to achieve this and means to manage ongoing change within their schools.

Workshop participants will…

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of EdTech Integration as involving localised, socially embedded change in comparison to generic, one-size-fits-all approaches.
  • Be equipped with resources to plan and manage change within their local contexts as an outcome of EdTech Integration in an ongoing / sustained manner.

Isabel Tarling is a Learning Science scholar researching Teacher Change, Pedagogy and Integrating
Educational Technologies into teaching and learning. She holds a PhD (2018) and Masters’ degree
(2012) in Education from the University of Cape Town (2018). Her PhD focused on effecting
transformational change to teachers’ pedagogic practices by capacitating them to create and
innovate in the ePlay MakerSpace. Isabel started her career as a school teacher in 1997, and taught
Maths, Science, Languages and Information and Communication Technologies from K-12. During
2015-2016 she participated in various commissioned research projects as a member of the
University of Cape Town’s Education Technologies Inquiry Lab (ETILAB). She is currently involved in a
longitudinal commissioned research project with Green Shoots Online Maths, studying the use of
learner analytics to improve the depth and range of teachers’ pedagogical development through
exposure to the programme. She also works closely with the Western Cape Education Department,
developing teacher professional development courses that equip teachers to integrate EdTechs and
transform their practice. Isabel currently heads a team working with the Western Cape Education
Department to develop courses for teachers and an online learner course to address the language
barriers learners experience in Grades 4 – 9. For further information, contact isabel@tarling.co.za or
on Twitter: @isabeltarling.