Thandekile Ngema

Teaching Critical Thinking Through the Use of Technology

In this engaging workshop we will examine how we as adults problem solve and how we can then teach learners to think critically through the use of technology and best classroom practice. Attendees will leave today with simple methods for deepening student engagement and strategies for developing life long problem solvers. This workshop is open to all subject areas and grade levels as critical thinking skills are essential for any age and topic.


Thandekile has been a teacher in South Africa for 8 (eight) years. She has worked with learners who are English mother tongue speakers as well as those who speak English as second or third language. Her first 5 (five) years of teaching were at a Pretoria public, English medium, school where she taught English, Natural Science and Technology as well as Arts and Culture in the intermediate and senior phase. During her first years of teaching she realised that her learners were not achieving to their optimal level and therefore needed to improve her practice. She recognised that she needed to be more knowledgeable in remedial teaching. She continued her studies; and she obtained an Honours Degree in Learning Support from the University of Pretoria. This degree strengthened her passion for teaching as well as remedial teaching.

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