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Teachers as Adult Learners: Tools & Strategies to Employ for Successful Educational Change

Grow professionally and personally by understanding yourself, your colleagues and your school culture through theories of Adult Learning. Begin to identify challenges and barriers to conquer in your own learning style as well as in those with whom you work, while creating a path to a high-functioning inquiry-based environment for students and teachers alike using technology and connecting to the open and free resources of the world. Education technology is a viable bridge forward in transforming your teaching style and becoming an engaging and innovative educator and adult lifelong learner.


Karen, commonly called K2, is one of four producers of EdTech Summit Africa 2017. Karen cofounded EdTech Summit Africa in South Africa back in 2013 as an annual free conference which is now in it’s fifth year of operation.  Karen has over twenty years experience teaching and providing professional development opportunities in a multitude of learning environments, both formal and informal, and in a variety of areas (e.g. STEM project development, curriculum design, technology implementation, leadership). She employs her engineering background working with educators to develop authentic STEM learning experiences that seek to empower teachers and engage learners with creative technology strategies. Karen has worked with students, teachers and education leaders in the U.S., Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Bangladesh. Her professional development interests lie largely in working with underserved and under-resourced populations designing strategies aimed at building technology capacity, teacher confidence, and an agility for creative integration into context and practice.

A filmmaker and music engineer/producer interested in creative digital and technical arts, Karen is passionate about helping schools and organizations create a culture receptive to implementing technology for creative teaching and learning. Karen has worked with schools to launch coding, robotics, makerspace and visual design programs. She has a BA in Broadcast Engineering from San Francisco State University and she completed her MA in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College, Columbia University. Karen is now pursuing her doctorate at TC in Adult Learning and Leadership with a focus on professional development and technology integration. In addition to running K2 Productions Global, Karen works for the Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC) at Teachers College, Columbia University working in U.S. schools and with international teacher groups as a Professional Development Facilitator focused on STEM integration, technology implementation, and innovative teaching and learning strategies.

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