Sara Kixmoeller

Sara Kixmoeller is an educator, community organizer and social entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience teaching English and developing innovative programs in schools across the US, West Africa and South Africa. Sara holds a BA in Environmental Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz and a Bilingual, Crosscultural Language and Academic Development English Teaching Credential from California State University.

Sara believes that school curriculum should go beyond the classroom to create social change, environmental awareness and economic growth within communities.  To best support schools, Sara has established vast networks, linking schools with community-based organizations, entrepreneurs and artists.  In 2010 she worked with township artists from across Johannesburg to start the non-profit organization, Arts Evolve.  Arts Evolve offers creative education and after-care to learners in Soweto. Recently, Sara has developed an online marketplace, Jo’bird Designs, as a place for emerging artists to sell their crafts.
Design Projects for Learning to Engage Students and Deepen Understanding

Designing lessons through the creation of project-based learning (PBL) assignments that incorporate real life activities tied to student context can deepen understanding and encourage student-driven ownership of the process of learning itself. Research has shown that students will excel in school if what they are learning is relevant to their lives, experiences, and passions. In this workshop you will learn about a curriculum that integrates business, Maths, English and computers.  Students will work in groups to design a business and use social media and online resources to promote their business. The curriculum can be used as a project in a Maths, computer or English class, designed across several subject areas and with multiple teachers in interdisciplinary partnership, or you can use the curriculum to start a business club at your school.