Karen Kirsch Page

A filmmaker, music engineer/producer and K-12 teacher from San Francisco, Karen, also known as K2, is currently a proud New Yorker very involved in the edtech, entrepreneurship and maker/tinker world. She is passionate about education equity and social justice. She works to help schools and organizations create a culture receptive to the integration of technology as an important teaching and learning tool, an artistic and creative voice mechanism, and as a conduit for powerful communication and collaboration. She believes innovative technology strategies can make education come alive in even the most distressed of situations, especially in the ever-growing robust mobile landscape for both informal and formal learning. K2 is committed to building bridges in education for at-risk youth and teachers in challenged communities around the world. For the last 8 years most of her work outside of the U.S. has taken place in sub-Saharan Africa and in particular, South Africa with EdTech Summit Africa, and as a teaching Fellow with the LEAP Schools and Teach With Africa. She has traveled the world as a sound engineer with jazz, rock and hip hop bands, falling in love with learning through interaction with other cultures. Her undergrad degree is in Broadcast Journalism from San Francisco State University and she just completed her masters in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College, Columbia University. Karen is now pursuing her doctorate at Teachers College in Adult Learning and Leadership with a focus on professional development and technology.
Co-Founding EdTech Summit Africa in 2013 with Siobhan Thatcher, Karen looks forward to planning, serving and co-creating every year with other educators passionate about sharing and growing their knowledge and skills in order to make learning more equitable, engaging and meaningful for learners.

Self-directed Learning – Push Your Own Growth and That of Your Colleagues with Online Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Being a member of an online Professional Learning Network (PLN) is essential for teachers today who would like to keep up with the changing times and advancements in teaching, learning, and technology. Facilitate your continuing growth and development with tools, resources and strategies in discussion with peers around the world from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

We will use free apps you can sign up with for class organization, professional connection and group communication such as Evernote, Schoology, Facebook Groups, YouTube, and more.