Siobhan Thatcher

Real World Application of Collaborative Tools

Collaborative technology-based tools can help develop written and oral skills in Language and Humanities classes, scaffolding skills that are relevant and necessary to keep millennials engaged in life-long learning. This workshop will integrate real world online tools – mobile and PC (Google Notes, Google Docs, WhatsApp and Google Slides) – that make learning in Language and Humanities classes relevant and ensure skills are transferable into the post-school world where students will continue to use these and similar tools as they progress through the world of work.


With an academic background in Media, Linguistics and Education, Siobhan has worked in schools and on projects in the development sector. After working with children – integrating technology into learning – Siobhan moved into designing education programmes to help schools adopt ICT to improve educational outcomes, with a specific focus on teacher training and educator professional development. Siobhan is an advocate for EdTech in schools, and maintains that this must always be relevant and effective in serving teaching and learning outcomes. More recently, Siobhan’s social impact focus is on ensuring that WiFi enables young people access to educational and empowering resources and opportunities that help them become economically viable citizens, able to contribute to a developing South Africa.

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