Lynn Bowie

What We’ve Learnt About Learning Mathematics Online – What Tech Does Well & What Needs a Human Touch

Procedural fluency, conceptual understanding and problem-solving are the core ingredients of mathematical proficiency. In our work in after-school mathematics support we have seen the important contribution technology can make in developing these skills, but we have also learnt about the crucial role the facilitator needs to play to make this happen. In this workshop we will share our free online learning tool for grade 7 – 9 mathematics. Participants will be led through activities, incorporated in this tool, linked to procedural fluency, conceptual understanding and problem-solving. We will discuss the role of the facilitator in these activities and in creating a coherent learning experience.


Lynn Bowie works for OLICO Education and is a Visiting Associate at the University of Witwatersrand. She holds a PhD in Mathematics Education and has taught mathematics at all levels from primary school through to university mathematics. She taught prospective and in-service mathematics teachers at the University of Witwatersrand for a number of years before leaving academia to join OLICO. At OLICO she has been involved in exploring the use of technology and innovative material to support mathematics learning both in the after-school space as well as within schools. As part of the OLICO team she has been involved in the development of an online program for grade 7 – 9 mathematics as well as overseeing its implementation in Diepsloot. She works as a consultant for Umalusi and is a contributing researcher in the Teaching and Learning Development Capacity Improvement Project with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

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