Isabel Tarling

Learning Design That Meaningfully Integrates Emerging Technologies

All too often Emerging Technology tools are added to classrooms as an add-on or afterthought, or to replace paper-based activities. In this workshop we unpack different ways to integrate emerging technologies into learning designs that move beyond an add-on or substitution phase, but starts to transform the learning process in ways paper-based resources could not do. In particular, we create and make online resources you can use immediately and implement after the workshop in your lectures!


Isabel Tarling is Learning Science scholar, researching Teaching Change, Pedagogy and means to meaningfully integrate Emerging Technologies into teaching and learning in schools and higher education institutions across South Africa. Her research approach combines Sociology of Education, Emerging Technologies and Design-Based Research (also the focus of her PhD). She has been in education for twenty years as a teacher and lecturer, and co-authored a number of textbooks, including English for Success (Oxford), Technology for All (MacMillan) and Life and Natural Science (Siyavula). In 2016 she co-authored the paper, Teachers pedagogical change framework: a diagnostic tool for changing teachers’ uses of emerging technologies (BJET), with Prof Dick Ng’ambi. The Teaching Change Frame developed as part of this research, has since been included in the national Department of Education’s framework for teacher professional development, providing teachers across South Africa with a means to diagnose their existing practice and manage their own change process on the TCF.

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