Claudia Stanfield

Integrating Video and Multimedia into your Classroom

Introducing new concepts through a variety of relevant graphics, audio and texts leads to deeper learning and understanding. This is especially beneficial to the learner when they can personalize their experience by choosing content and controlling the pace at which they move through that content. This workshop will highlight ways in which educators can use multimedia tools to make their classroom more engaging for their learners, as well as how to plan your lessons to integrate these tools. Teachers will also explore videos and exercises using a Maths program called KA LITE (Khan Academy Lite), an open-source software version of Khan Academy for offline situations.


Claudia Stanfield is the Social Franchise Manager for an NPO called Shine Literacy. Shine Literacy is a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve literacy outcomes for young children from disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Working in partnership with teachers, volunteers and parents, our evidence-based programmes provide effective and sustained support to children as they learn to read and write, helping to foster a life-long love of books and learning. Prior to working for Shine Literacy she was the Lead MRP Foundation TechEd Facilitator in KZN, South Africa. Through the involvement of the Tech Ed Project she implemented tablet technology into rural school classrooms; she facilitated this implementation through teacher training and guiding educators on daily classroom use of this technology. Concurrently, Claudia managed a multimedia math classroom that uses Khan Video’s and exercises. Prior to MRP Foundation, she has five years of English as a Second Language instruction within the Public School system as an ESL Instructor and as an English Professor at Jungwon University, in Goesan, South Korea. During her tenure in South Korea, she obtained a joint Master’s degree in Public Health Education and Natural Remedies, at Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea. In addition, Claudia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology from the University of the Western Cape. Whilst studying for her BA she facilitated English Literacy and Numeracy in hotels using the Media Works multi-media program, prior to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, to help with communication for the World Cup. Claudia is passionate about education and believes in empowering those around her with the skills and knowledge to do more with their lives than their circumstances dictate they should or could.

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