Bonisile Ntlemeza

Bonisile is a South African educator currently teaching Social Studies in Houston, Texas. He has been working in High Performing Schools for the underprivileged since January 2006. His professional journey started at LEAP Science and Maths Schools for 8 years before he moved on to KIPP Public Charter schools in the U.S. He has a keen interest in collaborative efforts that continue towards teacher training and development which is why EdTech Summit Africa is a very attractive initiative to both share knowledge and teaching strategies with others as well as to continue to grow as an educator as well.

Driving Quality Instruction With the Google Suite Programs

In this session you will be able to develop templates for managing your own Curriculum Development using Google Drive and Calendar (Quarterly Plans using your own standards and objectives). This way you will always be able to track your pacing and never lose documents. If you are not such a great manager of paper like myself, you will be able to manage your work in a paperless and painless manner.

The 2nd component of this workshop will allow each educator to learn multiple 21st century skills that will enable you to create a highly engaged classroom. You will practice how to teach your students to do collaborative work on class projects and longer term projects. This session has big wins for both your students as well as your own skill development and organization because you will be able to see the work they do as they do it, and help them along with the pacing. Google Drive is an excellent resource to create small groups and differentiate your instruction in order to meet your students where they are.