EdTech Summit Africa's Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

As we enter our third year providing the annual EdTech Summit Africa, The EdTech Summit Team is looking at efforts to make learning more sustainable and meaningful. We are instituting some new initiatives, adding to an already transformational learning experience. We designed online Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC) with a vision to continue to support the attendees’ professional growth.

Why Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)?
Many studies have found that “teachers who collaborate online are engaged with the group, develop a sense of community, improve their knowledge of subject and pedagogical content, and intend to modify their instructional practices accordingly” (Institute of Education Sciences, 2013). Our online Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) will provide learning-oriented professional development and greatly benefit the participating attendees in a number of ways:

  • share strategies and practices with each other
  • enhance reflection and learning through social dialog
  • build greater capacities to manage the complexities of work and life
  • grow to more complex understanding of adult developmental stages
  • create a safe place to promote risk taking