Jabula Crescent, Swaziland Forests Primary School 17 Aug 2015 Register Print Schedule


Room tba 08h00 - 08h30 Tea, coffee, breakfast breads
Room tba 08h30 - 09h30 Welcome and Giveaways

Workshop Stream 1: 09h30 - 11h00

Location Workshop Presenter
Room 1 How to Overcome Struggles in Learning Using Internet Strategies: My Story Could Help Your Students Markus Campbell
Room 2 Going Beyond the Classroom: Using Social Media to Help Students Learn at Their Own Pace Joseph Lewis
Room 3 Creative Computing For All: How to Bring Computer Programming into the Classroom Across the Curricula Rupal Jain
Room 4 Giving Students a Voice Using Digital Storytelling Alana Lopez
Room 5 Teaching For The Future - Changing Roles of Both Teachers and the Tools That Help Them Gugu Radebe

Workshop Stream 2: 11h00 - 12h30

Location Workshop Presenter
Room 1 Creating Dynamic Presentations to Enhance Your Teaching Toolkit Simma Reingold
Room 2 When Students Learn Differently: Differentiating is Easy with a Smartphone! Ina Seok
Room 3 Purposeful Planning to Integrate Technology and Your Daily Objectives Mona Ewees
Room 4 4 Easy Steps to Navigate the Web Chris Mizell
Room 5 An introduction to Computational Thinking through Creative Computing Gabriel Sanchez
Room tba 12h30 - 01h30 Lunch

Workshop Stream 3: 01h30 - 03h00

Location Workshop Presenter
Room 1 Excelling with Excel Wendy Cross
Room 2 Talk, Text, & Tech: Literature Circles for the 21st Century Learner Esther Ohito
Room 3 Becomming Comfortable with Tech: Using ‘Help’ Masterfully Michael Dlamini
Room 4 Integration of Technology in Classrooms: The Creation of a Learning Management System (LMS) through WhatsApp Bakoena Manoto
Room 5 Collaborative Learning Community: Piloting a 12-month Approach to Learning Together Online Karen Kirsch Page
All Rooms 03h00 - 04h00 REFLECTION: Return to a Workshop Leader for Further Check-In
Room tba 04h00 - 04h30 Closing and (more) Giveaways!